Extending the Tasmanian RFA

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Australian and Tasmanian governments committed to establish a 20 year rolling extension to the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA).

A Joint Working Group (JWG) of senior government officials was established in 2014 to oversee negotiations for the RFA extension.  At the time, the JWG included representatives from the Australian Government Departments of Environment and Energy and Agriculture and Water Resources (now the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment), and the Tasmanian Government Departments of State Growth and Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (now the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania).

A variation to the Tasmanian RFA was signed on 18 August 2017 by the Australian and Tasmanian governments. A consolidated version of the R​FA, which includes all previous amendments, including the 2017 variation, is also provided.

 2017 Variation to the Tasmanian RFA (PDF 2Mb)​

 Consolidated version of the RFA (PDF 516Kb)

The process of extending the Tasmanian RFA involved the completion or development of a number of documents:

 Independent Reviewer’s Report on the third five-yearly review of the RFA (PDF 1Mb)​ 

Joint Government Response to the third five-yearly review

 Further Assessment of Matters Report (PDF 12Mb)

 Report Summarising the Feedback from the 2016 public consultation (PDF 198Kb)

Tasmania’s Forest Management System – An Overview

Public Consultation

Stakeholders had an initial opportunity to provide feedback (from 17 April to 12 June 2015) about extending the Tasmanian RFA, as part of the third five-yearly review of the RFA. This initial feedback, and the Independent Reviewer’s report to the third five-yearly review of the Tasmanian RFA informed the focus of an additional round of consultation, which was conducted from 22 November to 23 December 2016. Further detail on how public consultation was conducted is provided in a report summarising the feedback from the additional public consultation on the extended RFA.​

 Report Summarising the Feedback from the 2016 public consultation (PDF 198Kb)

Public Submis​​sions, December 2016

A total of 30 wri​tten submissions were received in the representation period.​

​Listed below are the publically available submissions to the December 2016 public consultation on extending the RFA.

 Alan Ashbarry (individual) (PDF 382Kb)

 Amy Robertson (individual) (PDF 853Kb)

 Australian Forest Contractors Association (PDF 209Kb)

 Chris Harwood (individual) (PDF 338Kb)

 Circular Head Council (PDF 235Kb)

 Climate Action North West (PDF 406Kb)

 Environmental Defenders Office (TAS) Inc (PDF 381Kb)

 Huon Resource Development Group 1 (PDF 1Mb)

 Huon Resource Development Group 2 (PDF 532Kb)

 Ian Newman (individual) (PDF 3Mb)

 Michael Buky (individual) (PDF 541Kb)

 North West Environment Centre (PDF 514Kb)

 Patricia Ellison (individual) (PDF 7Kb)​

 Paul O'​Halloran (individual) (PDF 111Kb)

 Peter Godfrey (individual) (PDF 322Kb)

 Richard Donaghey (individual) (PDF 448Kb)

 Rosemary Farrell (individual(PDF 831Kb)

 Simon Roberts (individual) (PDF 1Mb)

 Tasmanian Conservation Trust (PDF 343Kb)

 Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (PDF 364Kb)

 Tasmanian Parliamentary Greens (PDF 779Kb)

 Tasmanian Public and Environment Health Network (PDF 317Kb)​

 The Environment Association (PDF 156Kb)​​


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