Conservation Agreement

​​​​​The Tasmanian and Australian Governments signed a Conservation Agreement under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) relating to the management of Permanent Timber Production Zone (PTPZ) land separating the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) and adjoining wood production coupes.

 Conservation Agreement (PDF 986Kb)

About 170,000 hectares was agreed to be added to the TWWHA by the World Heritage Committee in June 2013. The extension area includes over 50,000 hectares of existing public and private reserves (including areas such as Mt Field National Park and additional parts of the Mole Creek Karst National Park), along with 85,700hectares of land reserved in December 2013 under the processes outlined in the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Act 2013.

The boundaries of the extended TWWHA have been gazetted under the Commonwealth’s EPBC Act.

A management plan is in place for the TWW​HA. Additional information about the TWWHA extension, including the Annex A Maps from the Conservation Agreement are listed below.​

 Annex A – Map 1 of 15 – Dove River, Upper Mersey, Mole Creek Karst (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 2 of 15 – Upper Mersey (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 3 of 15 – Great Western Tiers, Mole Creek Karst (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 4 of 15 – Great Western Tiers (PDF 3Mb)

 Annex A – Map 5 of 15 – Great Western Tiers (eastern) (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 6 of 15 – Nelson Falls (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 7 of 15 – Upper Derwent (PDF 637Kb)

 Annex A – Map 8 of 15 – Upper Derwent, Florentine (PDF 3Mb)

 Annex A – Map 9 of 15 – Florentine (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 10 of 15 – Mt Wedge – Upper Florentine (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 11 of 15 – Mt Field (PDF 3Mb)

 Annex A – Map 12 of 15 – Styx – Tyenna (PDF 3Mb)

 Annex A – Map 13 of 15 – Huon – Picton (PDF 4Mb)

 Annex A – Map 14 of 15 – Hartz – Esperance (PDF 3Mb)

 Annex A – Map 15 of 15 – Recherche (PDF 2Mb)


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