2021 Election Commitments

The Tasmanian Government is continuing to deliver on its 2021 election commitments to support and grow Tasmania's forestry industry. ​​​

Tasmanian​ Timber Promotion Board

A grant for $1.15 million has been established with the Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board (TTPB) to enable it to:

  • deliver a $2 million strategic marketing campaign focused on raising awareness of the quality and versatility of Tasmanian timber; and,
  • engage a full-time Wood Encouragement Policy Officer.

This grant funding will support the promotion and marketing of Tasmanian timber and timber products and build upon the success of Tasmania's Wood Encouragement Policy.

For more information about the benefits of Tasmania Timber visit the TTPB's campaign website.​​

Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network

A $300 000 grant has been established with the Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network (TFFPN) to provide for the development and implementation of a Diversity Action Plan for the forestry industry.

The TFFPN successfully launched its Diversity Action Plan in November 2022. The plan can be accessed on the TFFPN website.

The plan aims to increase gender and cultural diversity in the forestry sector. ​


A $150,000 grant has been established with Arbre Forest Industries to address skills shortages and train the forest industry's leaders of tomorrow.

Arbre has delivered a number of successful programs that will continue to operate for the duration of the grant. They have developed promotional materials, attended school careers expos and have developed the School Forest Work Experience Program, where students are able to gain ​firsthand experience across a number of facets of the forestry sector.

Further information about the School Forest Work Experience Program, and other work being done by Arbre can be accessed on their website.

On-Island ​Processing Program

The Tasmanian Government has established a $10 million On-Island Processing Program.​​


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