Breeding and Selling Cats in Tasmania

​​From 1 March 2022 the State Government will no longer be registering cat breeders. Anyone wishing to breed a cat in Tasmania will be required to be a member of a cat organisation or will have the option of applying for a conditional permit to breed a cat.

Further information on the changes to breeder registration be made available in the coming months.

Breeding cats

All cat breeders must be registered in Tasmania.Breeders are exempt from requirements under the Cat Management Act 2009 to desex cats where the cat is part of their commercial business. 

Who is considered a cat breeder?

Anyone that breeds a litter from a cat, even if kittens will not be offered for sale, is considered a cat breeder. 

How do I become registered as a cat breeder?

If you are a current cat breeder, or wish to become a cat breeder, you must:
  • apply for breeder registration with the DPIPWE; or
  • be a member of an approved cat organisation.

Further information about becoming an individual registered breeder (including application form) is available below.

What are approved cat organisations?

The following are approved cat organisations in Tasmania:

Do I need to use my registered breeder number?

Yes, a registered breeder that has been issued with a registered breeder number under s30(6) of the Act is to include the registered breeder number in any advertisement relating to cats.

What happens​ if I am not registered and I breed cats?

Breeders operating without registration or anyone claiming to be a registered breeder when they are not may face prosecution.

Selling cats

Any person may sell a cat in Tasmania as long the cat being sold:
  • is not less than eight weeks of age;
  • has an approved microchip implanted (or a certificate has been issued under s12(2) by a veterinary surgeon) or a 'Care Agreement' under s16 has been entered into;
  • is desexed (or a certificate has been issued under s14(2) by a veterinary surgeon or a 'Care Agreement' under s16 has been entered into); and,
  • meets prescribed health requirements (ie veterinary check including worming and vaccination).

Under the Cat Management Act 2009, 'to sell' includes giving away a cat or offering to sell a cat.

These requirements do not apply to foster programs operated by cat management facilities, surrendering of unwanted cats to cat management facilities, and transferring stray or feral cats to a cat management facility.

Care Agreements

The purchaser and seller of a cat may enter a written Care Agreement where a cat has not been desexed or microchipped prior to the transfer of ownership. This only applies if there are health or welfare considerations or if, after reasonable attempts, desexing or microchipping could not be completed.

The purchaser and seller must both keep a copy of the agreement and the desexing or microchipping must be completed within a specified time. 

A Care Agreement template is available:

  Cat Care Agreement template   (59Kb)

Further information

To apply to become an individual cat breeder with the DPIPWE, see the following factsheet:

  Breeding Cats in Tasmania - Information and 'Permit to Breed a Cat'   (185Kb)


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