Tasmanian calicivirus release sites

​​​​April 2024 update

Although environmental conditions are currently suitable for the use of calicivirus, there is an ongoing Australia-wide shortage. The only laboratory able to manufacture calicivirus in Australia is experiencing supply issues and is unable to produce enough virus for jurisdictions across Australia. This supply challenge, coupled with a short shelf life, means Tasmania currently does not have calicivirus for use and a release cannot occur. Tasmania is currently on a list with other jurisdictions waiting for the supply of calicivirus.

This means it is likely that Biosecurity Tasmania will not be able to release calicivirus in Tasmania until the beginning of 2025, when environmental conditions may once again be favourable.

Trained biosecurity staff will continue to monitor conditions and when stocks become available assess suitability for releasing calicivirus. In the meantime, it is recommended landowners consider other methods of rabbit management such as shooting, habitat removal and warren destruction.

More information on rabbit control

Landowners are responsible for the control of rabbits on their land and there are a variety of control options that landowners can use depending on individual property factors. Landowners can get advice about control techniques from licensed pest controllers on our European rabbits webpage. 

One of the alternative methods of rabbit control is the use of Pindone, which is a poison specifically designed for rabbits. Pindone is only suitable for appropriate properties and provides short term benefits. More information can be found on the Pindone w​ebpage or by contacting Game Services Tasmania on 1300 292 292. 

A naturally occurring strain of calicivirus exists in Tasmania (as does myxomatosis) and you may notice rabbits dying suddenly as a result. You can support the spread of biological control agents by leaving infected rabbit carcasses where they died and report the details to Biosecurity Tasmania as soon as possible on (03) 6165 3777 or invasivespecies@nre.tas.gov.au. ​

Updates and reporting

This page will be updated if any further sites are identified for release of calicivirus in Tasmania.

When conditions are favourable rabbit populations will be impacted by myxomatosis and RHDV2 (a different type of calicivirus of unknown origin that has naturalised in the environment). 

Landowners are encouraged to report rabbit deaths to support our data collection and planning, please contact Biosecurity Tasmania on 03 6165 3777 or email invasivespecies@nre.tas.gov.au​.

Previous release sites

Calicivirus was released in selected sites around Tasmania in 2023.


• Cressy

• Riverside


• Spreyton


• Granton

• Bothwell

• Mangalore

• Pontville

• Kingston

• Surveyors Bay​


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