Native ants are an important part of our natural ecosystems but some ant species can be a nuisance in our homes or gardens.

Other invasive ant species, not native to Tasmania, could be significant pests if they were to establish here.

The information below will help you to identify native ant from invasive pest ant species in Tasmania.

  Ants - General Information   (398Kb)

  How to Identify a Pest Ant   (283Kb)

  Tramp Ants   (356Kb)

  Argentine Ants   (387Kb)

  Jack Jumper Fact Sheet   (447Kb)

If you see what you think might be an invasive pest ant in Tasmania, contact Biosecurity Tasmania's Plant Diagnostic Services:

Biosecurity Tasmania - Plant Diagnostic Services
Phone: 03 6165 3777 or 1300 368 550