Multiple Cat Permits

​Important information

The Cat Management Act 2009 has a limit on the number of cats that can be kept at a property.

To improve the ongoing management of cats in Tasmania, Biosecurity Tasmania has implemented an updated multiple cat permit process.

How many cats can be kept on a property?

From 1 March 2022, the Cat Management Act 2009 limit the number of cats a person can keep on an individual property to four (4) cats.

Exceptions to the limit of four (4) cats​

The limit does not apply to a person keeping more than ​four cats if the person:

  • holds a multiple cat permit; or​
  • is a registered cat breeder; or
  • holds a Cat Breedin​​g ​Permit in relation to all cats in excess of four cats; or
  • is operating a cat boarding facility or veterinary establishment; or
  • is fostering a cat for a Cat Management Facility or an approved organisation; or
  • is minding someone else's cat for less than six months, and the owner of the cat does not reside on the individual property, and no payment is made for keeping the cat.

Provided you meet one of the above exceptions and any conditions associated with any of the exceptions, and you ensure the welfare of the cats, you can keep five (5) or more cats.

​​When is a multiple cat permit required?

If you are keeping more than four (4) cats over the age of four (4) months and none of the other exemption under the Cat Management Act 2009 above apply, you may need a multiple cat permit. 

Refer to the table below to determine if an application for a multiple cat permit is required. 

​​My Situation

​I have four (4) or less cats over the age of four (4) months kept at my residence.

My Situation

At any time, I keep five (5) or more cats over the age of four (4) months at my residence.
For example, I have five (5) or more: 
owned cats*, or
foster cats^, or
combination of owned* and foster^ cats

My Situation

​I rescue and rehome cats, and at any time keep five (5) or more cats over the age of four (4) months at a property. ​​

​Do I need a permit?

A multiple cat permit is NOT required

​Do I need a permit?​


​​​​Do I need a permit?​

an ‘owned cat’ is defined as a cat that is permanently kept at the address
a ‘foster cat’ is defined as a cat that is temporarily kept at the address and returned to the shelter or rescue for rehoming​

​Are there conditions attached to a multiple cat permit?

Yes, each category of multiple cat permit will have conditions. Depending on the situation, the Secretary will attach certain conditions to a multiple cat permit granted. Click on the category of multiple cat permit that best suits your situation to see the conditions for each permit category:

What if I can't meet the conditions of a multiple cat permit?

If you have five (5) or more cats over the age of four (4) months, you will need to apply for a multiple cat permit (see table above to determine which multiple cat permit application form you will need to complete). If you cannot meet the conditions of the permit at the time of submitting your application, identify these condition/s and what actions are being taken to be able to meet the conditions, in the ‘additional information’ section on the application form. Once the application is submitted, Biosecurity Tasmania will make contact to discuss the circumstances. 

Failing to submit an application for a multiple cat permit if you are keeping five (5) or more cats over the age of four (4) months may result in compliance action being taken due to unlawfully keeping five or more cats.

Publishing a public notice

Once a person has submitted their application for a multiple cat permit, the applicant will be required to publish a public notice notifying of their intention to apply for a multiple cat permit. There are two ways an applicant can publish a public notice.

1. By displaying the notice for 14 days at the main frontage of the property
2.By publishing the notice in a municipal newspaper 

The placement of the notice or publication in a newspaper is to allow for a person who lives on or owns land within 200m of the boundary of the property to be able to make an objection to the application.
During the review process for a multiple cat permit application, NRE Tas will instruct the applicant on how to publish a notice announcing their intention to apply for the permit.

Display of notice at front of property

The notice will be supplied by NRE Tas and is to be displayed prominently at the front of the applicant’s property. The applicant must ensure that the notice is placed in a clear and unobstructed location, on the date specified in the notice. The notice is required to remain up for at least 14 days.

Publication of notice in a newspaper

The template for the notice to be published in a newspaper will be supplied by NRE Tasmania. The notice must be published in a municipal newspaper that circulates in the municipal area the property on the application is situated. The applicant will be responsible for any costs incurred associated with the publication of the notice.

​During the 14-day publication period, the location details of the property will be placed on the NRE Tas webpage: Making an objection to an Application for a Multiple Cat Permit. Once the 14-day publication period has ceased, the location of the property will be removed from the webpage.

How much does a multiple cat permit cost?

There will not be a charge in 2024 for a Multiple Cat Permit issued through the Secretary, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. This may be subject to change.

Objections to an application for a multiple cat permit

A person who lives on or owns land within 200m of the boundary of a property to which the application for the permit relates has a right to object to the granting of a Multiple Cat Permit. Objections can be made by completing the form located on the webpage Objections to an Application for a Multiple Cat Permit.​​​

Further information

Please refer to our webpage Multiple Cat Permit Frequently Asked Questions.


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