Tasmanian Cat Management Plan


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The Tasmanian Cat Management Plan 2017 - 2022 has been prepared by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and

Environment with the support of theTasmanian Cat Management Reference Group, which represents the key cat management stakeholder groups in the State.

The Tasmanian Cat Management Plan represents the first comprehensive and collaborative approach to managing cats in Tasmania.

The Plan recognises that cat management is a shared responsibility across all levels of government, business and the community and includes actions under seven objectives.


​Objective 1:​ ​Tasm​​anian pet cat owners manage their cats responsibly.

​Objective 2: ​Increased community awareness, participation and commitment in cat management.

​Objective 3: ​Best practice techniques are used to guide the planning, management and control of stray and feral cats.

​Objective 4: ​Improved knowledge about feral, stray and domestic cats to better inform management.

​Objective 5: ​Minimise impacts of cats in areas with important conservation values and agricultural assets.

​Objective 6: ​Undertake legislative change to create an effective framework for managing cats and support other objectives.

​Objective 7: ​The roles and responsibilities related to cat management are clearly defined and understood by the Tasmanian community.​


Implementation of the Plan will be guided by a shared understanding that there is a need to both: encourage responsible cat ownership, acknowledging the positive role that cats can play in our community; and to understand and mitigate the negative impacts that cats can have on the environment, agriculture, and on human health.

Supporting documents

The Tasmanian Cat Management Plan Summary and the Tasmanian Cat Management Plan​ Background Paper also provide important additional information on all the issues covered in the Plan.

Further information​

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