​​​​Weeds have a significant impact on the Tasmanian environment and economy. 

Find out how to identify and manage declared and environmental weeds and: 


In this topic

  • Proposed declaration of Digitalis species (foxgloves)
    The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania is intending to declare all sexually reproductive species, sub-species, varieties, hybrids and cultivars of Digitalis.
  • Weeds Index
    Use our indices to identify weeds found in Tasmania. Information includes images for identification, control guides, and management plans.
  • Tasmanian Highly Invasive Grasses Project
    Highly invasive perennial grasses pose a serious threat to Tasmanian agriculture and horticulture by competing with desirable pastures and crops, reducing stock carrying capacity, tainting wool and fur and, in the case of one invasive grass, even causing stock injuries.
  • Weed Hygiene
    Includes general advice on weed hygiene for machinery, vehicles and equipment in order to prevent weed spread.
  • Environmental Weeds
    Weeds that invade bushland and threaten native plants by out-competing them are known as environmental weeds.
  • Weed Publications and Resources
    Useful resources for those interested in weeds and weed control. Includes links to websites and online brochures, and a reading reference list.
  • Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund
    Details of funding for the Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund

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