​​Weeds have a significant impact on the Tasmanian environment and economy. Find out how to identify and manage declared and environmental weeds. Help STOP THE SPREAD.

In this Topic

  • Weeds Index
    Use our indices to identify weeds found in Tasmania. Information includes images for identification, control guides, and management plans.
  • Weed Hygiene
    Includes general advice on weed hygiene for machinery, vehicles and equipment in order to prevent weed spread.
  • Weed Legislation and Management Plans
    Includes information on the Weed Management Act 1999, State Response Plan, Weed Plan and Tasmanian Beach Weed Strategy.
  • Environmental Weeds
    Weeds that invade bushland and threaten native plants by out-competing them are known as environmental weeds.
  • Weed Publications and Resources
    Useful resources for those interested in weeds and weed control. Includes links to websites and online brochures, and a reading reference list.
  • Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund
    Details of funding for the Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund

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