Environmental Weeds

​Weeds that invade bushland and threaten native plants by out-competing them are known as environmental weeds. The result can be the death of these native plants and often the animals, birds, insects and other creatures that depend upon them. This loss can in turn cause further declines in local biodiversity - the unique variety of living things around us, and upon which we depend.

In this topic

  • About Weeds
    What are weeds; where did they come from; and how do they spread?
  • Common Environmental Weeds
    Environmental weeds, or bush weeds, threaten native habitats and biodiveristy.
  • Weed Prevention & Control
    How to prevent weeds becoming established in your area, and how to control weeds using mechanical and/or chemical methods, and environmental management techniques.
  • Weed Risk Assessment Scoresheets & Reports
    Downloadable weed risk assessment scoresheets and reports - all weed species listed under Tasmania's Weed Management Act 1999 have undergone a weed risk assessment prior to their declaration.