Weed Risk Assessment Scoresheets and Reports

Weed species listed under Tasmania's Weed Management Act 1999 have undergone a weed risk assessment prior to their declaration. Weed risk assessments are also used to assess the threats posed by species proposed for import into Tasmania.

The foundation for the current Tasmanian weed risk assessments (WRA) is a scoresheet system developed at the national level, and provided by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia. With regard to a particular plant species, this system:
    • Considers historical, biogeographical and biological/ecological details of the candidate species;
    • Seeks Yes, no or don't know responses for 48 questions; and
    • Results in a tally of scoresheet responses to in turn provide an outcome of reject, evaluate or accept with regard to the candidate species.
WRA scoresheets for declared species can be found under the column below headed "Risk Assessment Scoresheet".

The WRA scoresheets system used in Tasmania is detailed in Attachment B of A report on the development of a Weed Risk Assessment System commissioned by the Australian Weeds Committee and the Plant Industries Group by P.C. Pheloung (1995). The relevant section of the report is available for download below as a PDF file.

Weed Potential of New Plants (233 KB)

In addition to this, many declared species have had detailed assessment reports written for them. Where available, these can be found under the column below headed "Risk Assessment Report".

Note - Scoresheets are provided as Excel workbooks and Reports are provided as PDFs.

SpeciesCommon Name
Risk Assessment Scoresheet
Risk Assessment Report
Achnatherum caudataEspartillo

Acroptilon repensCreeping Knapweed
Allium vinealeCrow Garlic
Alternanthera philoxeroidesAlligator Weed
Amaranthus albusTumble Weed
Amaranthus spinosusSpiny Amaranth, Needle Burr
Anthemis cotulaStinking Mayweed
Asparagus asparagoides (= Myrsiphyllum asparagoides)Bridal Creeper
Asparagus scandensAsparagus Fern
Asphodelus fistulosusOnion Weed
Bassia scoparia (= Kochia scoparia)Kochia
Berberis darwiniiDarwin's Barberry
Berkheya rigidaAfrican Thistle
Bifora testiculataBifora
Cabomba carolinianaFanwort
Calluna vulgarisHeather
Cardaria drabaWhite Weed (Hoary Cress)
Carduus nutansNodding Thistle
Carduus pycnocephalusSlender Thistle
Carduus tenuiflorusSlender Thistle
Carex albulaNew Zealand Hair Sedge
Carex buchananiiLeather Leaf Sedge
Carex flagelliferaNew Zealand Sedge
Carex testaceaNew Zealand Sedge
Carthamus lanatus L.Saffron Thistle
Cenchrus incertus
(= Cenchrus pauciflorus)
Spiny Burrgrass
Cenchrus longispinusSpiny Burrgrass
Centaurea calcitrapaStar Thistle
Centaurea eriophoraMallee Cockspur
Ceratophyllum demersumHornwort
Chondrilla junceaSkeleton Weed
Chrysanthemoides monilifera (including subspecies)Boneseed, Bitou Bush
Cirsium arvenseCalifornian Thistle
Coprosma robustaKaramu
Cortaderia sppPampas Grasses
Crupina vulgarisCommon Crupina
Cuscuta sppDodder
Cynara cardunculusArtichoke Thistle
Cyperus esculentusYellow Nut Sedge
Cyperus rotundusPurple Nut Grass
Cytisus multiflorusWhite Spanish Broom
Cytisus scopariusEnglish Broom
Datura sppDatura
Dittrichia viscosaFalse Yellow Head
Echium plantagineum L.Paterson's Curse
Echium vulgare L.Viper's Bugloss
Egeria densa (= Elodea densa) Egeria, Dense Water Weed
Eichhornia crassipes Water Hyacinth
Eleocharis parodiiParodi
Elodea canadensisCanadian Pondweed, Elodea
Emex australisSpiny Emex
Epilobium nummulariifoliumCreeping Willow Herb
Equisetum speciesHorsetail
Eragrostis curvulaAfrican Lovegrass
Erica lusitanicaSpanish Heath
Fallopia japonicaJapanese Knotweed
Festuca gautieriBear-skin Fescue
Foeniculum vulgareFennel
Galium spuriumFalse Cleavers
Galium tricornutumThree-horned Bedstraw
Genista monspessulanaMontpellier Broom
Gymnocoronis spilanthoidesSenegal Tea Plant, Temple Plant
Heliotropium europaeumCommon Heliotrope
Heracleum mantegazzianumGiant hogweed
Hieracium sppHawkweed, Orange Hawkweed, Mouse Ear Hawkweed
Homeria sppCape tulips
Hydrilla verticillataHydrilla
Hypericum perforatumSt John's Wort
Hypericum tetrapterumSt John's Wort
Lagarosiphon majorLagarosiphon, Oxygen Weed
Lantana camaraLantana
Leycesteria formosaElisha's Tears
Lycium ferocissimumAfrican Boxthorn
Marrubium vulgareHorehound
Myriophyllum aquaticumParrot's Feather
Nassella charuana
Nassella neesianaChilean Needle Grass
Nassella trichotomaSerrated Tussock
Oenanthe pimpinelloidesMeadow Parsley
Onopordum acaulon
Onopordum sppOnopordum Thistles
Orobanche spp (except O. minor and O. cernua var. australiana)Broomrape
Pennisetum macrourumAfrican Feathergrass
Pennisetum villosumFeathertop
Phyla canescens
Rorippa sylvestrisCreeping Yellowcress
Rubus fruticosus aggregateBlackberry
Sagittaria gramineaSagittaria
Sagittaria montevidensisArrowhead
Salix spp (except S. bablyonica, S. x calondendron and S. x reichardtii)Willows except weeping willows, pussy willow and sterile pussy willow
Salpichroa origanifolia
Salvinia molestaSalviniaScoresheetReport


Silver-leaf NightshadeScoresheetReport

Solanum triflorumCut Leaf NightshadeScoreshet
Striga spp (all non-indegenous species)WitchweedScoresheet

Tamarix aphyllaAthel Pine
Thinopyrum ponticum
Trapa sppFloating Water Chestnut, Water Caltrop
Tribulis terrestrisCaltrop
Ulex europaeusGorseet

piiMediterranean Daisy
Xanthium sppBurrs
Zizania palustris

(Further Weed Risk Assessment Scoresheets and Reports will be added as they become available.)


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