Proposed declaration of Digitalis species (foxgloves)

​The public was invited to have there say on the proposed declaration of the Digitalis species (foxgloves) as a weed.

The declaration will:

  • include all foxglove species, with the exemption of sterile varieties and hybrids
  •  prevent sale and trade of all non-sterile foxgloves
  • require control of foxglove in designated areas, including areas within and around state reserves and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

The declaration will not affect those with existing foxglove species in gardens outside of the designated areas.

Before making a submission please read the Statement of Intent, Weed Risk Assessment, and Weed Management Biosecurity Program which provide information and background for the declaration:

Interactive Public Map for Biosecurity Management Classes of Foxglove.

An interactive map​ showing the designated areas for the management of Digitalis infestations is also available. These are mostly focused around high conservation value areas like the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area:
  • Class A designated areas will require control measures to eradicate foxglove.
  • Class B designated areas will require control measures to contain foxglove infestations. ​

How to mak​​e a submission​​​

Submissions opened from at 5pm on 21st February 2024

Submissions closed at 5pm on 21st April 2024​

Written submissions in relation to the proposed declaration are now closed. 

Any further questions regarding the proposed declaration should be directed to (Karen Stewart), Invasive Species Branch, Biosecurity Tasmania, NRE Tas on (03) 616 54399 or emailed to​

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