Meadow Parsley

(Oenanthe pimpinelloides)

Meadow parsley

Status of meadow parsley in Tasmania

  • Meadow parsley is a declared weed in Tasmania under the Tasmanian Weed Management Act 1999. The importation, sale and distribution of meadow parsley are prohibited in Tasmania.
  • The legal responsibilities of landholders and other stakeholders in dealing with meadow parsley are laid out in the Meadow Parlsey Statutory Weed Management Plan.

What does meadow parsley look like?

  • Meadow parsley is an erect perennial (long-lived) herb growing between 30 cm and 1.5 metres. The plant produces a rosette (a whorl of leaves close to the ground) which produces a solid strongly grooved stem. Stem leaves are feather-like. The flowers are small, white and arranged in umbrella-shaped flower heads at the ends of branches. The root is a mass of large ovoid tubers.
  • Seeds germinate in autumn. Meadow parsley rosettes produce a flowering stem in spring which remains leafless until summer. Flowering occurs in late spring to summer.
  • Spread is by seed and root tubers. The seeds are hooked and are spread on the coats of animals, in water, in contaminated fodder and on machinery. The weed also spreads via the tubers along the roots.
  • Meadow parsley may be confused with yarrow Achillea millefolium (identified by large, feathery leaves) and hemlock Conium maculate (identified by carrot-like leaves and a blotchy stem). Neither yarrow nor hemlock have ovoid tubers on the roots.
Meadow parsley
Images top & above: Meadow parsley, © J R Krellin.

Impacts of meadow parsley

  • Meadow parsley is a serious weed of pastures and plantation forests.
  • Meadow parsley has been identified as one of seventeen sleeper weeds which could have nationally significant impacts on agriculture if allowed to spread.

Where does meadow parsley occur?

  • Meadow parsley is a native of temperate Asia, Africa (Morocco) and Europe. In Australia, Meadow parsley has naturalised in South Australia.
  • Meadow parsley has been identified in one location in northern Tasmania. Identification was confirmed in late 2013 and this is the first record of meadow parsley occurring in Tasmania.
  • Meadow parsley has not naturalised in Tasmania.

What you need to do

  • If you locate meadow parsley anywhere in Tasmania, or if you find a plant that you think could be meadow parsley, immediately contact Biosecurity Tasmania on 03 6165 3777 to report this weed.

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