Rubber Vine

(Cryptostegia grandiflora)

Rubber vine, photo: Albert C. Perdeck
Image: Rubber vine, © Albert C. Perdeck.

Status of rubber vine in Tasmania

  • Rubber vine is a declared weed in Tasmania under the Tasmanian Weed Management Act 1999. The importation, sale and distribution of rubber vine are prohibited in Tasmania.
  • Rubber vine is also a Weed of National Significance (WONS).

What does rubber vine look like?

  • Rubber vine is a many stemmed shrub that can climb up to 30 m into tree canopies. The stems are grayish brown with smooth bark, and have two forms: a leaf-bearing branched stem, and a longer unbranched 'whip' with fewer leaves and which extends onto nearby vegetation. The plant exudes a milky sap if scratched or broken.
  • The elliptical-shaped leaves occur in pairs and are a glossy dark green in colour. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, quite large (up to 5 cm), with five light purple to white petals. The seeds occur in rigid pods up to 12 cm in length. Each seed has a tuft of white silky hairs at one end.
  • Seed is spread by wind and floodwaters.

Impacts of rubber vine

  • Rubber vine is a serious weed of pastures, waterways, woodlands and rainforests in northern Australia.

Where does rubber vine occur

  • Rubber vine is a native of Madagascar. In Australia, rubber vine has naturalised in Queendland.
  • Rubber vine does not occur in Tasmania.

What you need to do

  • If you locate rubber vine anywhere in Tasmania, or if you find a plant that you think could be rubber vine, immediately contact Biosecurity Tasmania on 03 6165 3777 to report this weed.

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