Supplying Remotely Sensed Data (RSD) to Land Tasmania

​​​Since the first of September 2016, Land Tasmania uses a Multi-Use List system for procurement of remote sensing services. Businesses wishing to supply to the government through Land Tasmania will need to apply to be a member of the list of preferred suppliers.

Suppliers included on the list will be deemed to have satisfied the conditions for participation. Only those suppliers listed will be invited to provide quotations for services or be requested to participate in a selective tender process.


Typically, Heritage and Land Tasmania procures aerial imagery at 10cm for urban captures and 25cm resolution for rural settings.  LiDAR projects are captured at 4 to 10 points per metre and if available RGB encoding and aerial imagery mosaics may also be required simultaneously. The total annual aerial imagery capture averages 4000km² and the LiDAR fluctuates from 2000km² to 3000km². UAV platforms are rarely utilised as areas of interest are typically too large.

​Multi Use List for Remotely Sensed Data

The companies listed below have provided the required details and are qualified providers for supplying remotely sensed data to the Tasmanian Imagery Program. Some are single platform and capture technology while others are multi sensor, multi-platform capable and can include small format (sf), medium format (mf) and large format (lf) imagery sensors as well as having LiDAR capability. Providers of satellite imagery will also be considered and are invited to apply. ​​

Company Name Platform ​​​​ State Sensor Types
3D Mapping Solutions RPA TAS sf RGB, NIR, Thermal
Aerial Vision Australia RPA TAS sf and mf RGB, FLIR, Multi Spectral
Aerometrex Pty Ltd Piloted Aircraft SA lf RGBN, LiDAR, SAR
Australian UAV Pty Ltd RPATAS sf and mf RGB, FLIR, Multi Spectral
Cohen and Associates Pty Ltd RPATAS sf RGB, FLIR, Multi Spectral
DroneTech Pty Ltd Piloted Aircraft and RPA NSW sf RGB, FLIR, LiDAR, Multi Spectral
HyVista Corporation Pty Ltd Piloted Aircraft and RPA NSW lf, mf, sf RGBN, FLIR, SWIR, Hyper Spectral
RPS Australia East Pty Ltd Piloted Aircraft and RPA QLD sf and mf RGB, LiDAR
Survey Graphics
Piloted Aircraft and RPAWA lf, mf, sf RGBN, SAR, LiDAR, Multi Spectral
Aerial Acquisitions Piloted Aircraft NSW mf RGB, Multi Spectral
Tasmanian Environmental Consultants Piloted Aircraft and RPATASsf and mf RGB
Outline Global Piloted Aircraft and RPA VICsf and mf RGBN, LWIR
Photomapping Services Piloted AircraftVIC lf RGBI, mf RGB, LiDAR
AAM Pty Ltd Piloted Aircraft and RPA VIC All
Esk Mapping Piloted Aircraft and RPA TASsf and mf RGB/CIR
Terrapix Piloted Aircraft TAS sf and mf RGB/CIR
Airlines of Tasmania Piloted Aircraft TAS
mf RGBN​ 
​​National Survey Solutions
RPA​TAS​sf RGB, NIR, Thermal
​​Fugro Australia Land Pty Ltd
Piloted Aircraft and RPA​QLD​mf RGB, lf RGBI, SAR, LiDAR
​iXblue Pty Ltd Piloted Aircraft​QLDlf RGBN, mf RGBN, LiDAR
Landair Surveys​

​Piloted Aircraft
​mf, sf RGB/NIR
​ Geoimage Pty Ltd​

​Multispectral, SAR

​​Sensorem Pty Ltd


In order to register your interest in becoming a member of the Multi-Use List please complete the application form below and provide the requested documentation to:​

Once your application is received Land Tasmania will review the supplied information and inform you as to whether your company meets the requirements for inclusion on the list.

Applications for registration are be open to any supplier at any time.  

Registration on this list does not guarantee any orders for services.

RSD Application Form

  RSD Appl​ica​tion Form   (303Kb)



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