Geospatial Infrastructure & Surveying

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Surveyor-General (OSG), part of the Location Services Branch​, develops and implements legislation​, policy, standards, systems and programs in the relation to surveys of cadastral (property) boundaries, geodetic control and other spatial data sets and is ​​responsbile for managing Tasmania's positioning infrastructure,

The OSG also provides the Tasmanian Government with a survey consultancy and brokerage service.

In this Topic

  • About Cadastral Surveys
    Information about the cadastral system including cadastral boundaries, surveys, plans and maps
  • Cadastral Survey Standards
    Provides information on current cadastral survey policy and practice, including background and historical information.
  • Register of Tasmanian Surveyors
    The Surveyors Act 2002 provides for the registration of Tasmanian Surveyors.
  • Directions and Circulars
    Survey Directions pursuant to the Surveyors Act 2002 and to Circular Memoranda issued by the Surveyor General.
  • Surveying Services
    Services provided to government and the surveying community.
  • Geodetic Survey
    The Office of Surveyor General is responsible for the development and maintenance of the State's geospatial infrastructure.
  • Central Plan Register
    The Register is the repository for plans prepared for any statutory purpose, other than plans prepared for the purposes of the Land Titles Act (1980).
  • History of Surveyors General of Tasmania
    A pictorial honour board of Surveyors General of Tasmania from 1825 to the present day.


Office of the Surveyor General
134 Macquarie Street
Phone: 03 6165 4444