Presentations by OSG Staff

​​​​​​​​​Staff from the Office of Surveyor-General (OSG) regularly speak at spatial industry professional development events, TLSAB candidate training workshops and deliver land survey lesson content for education institutions. Selected presentations delivered by OSG staff that serve as reference material for candidates for land surveyor registration and the practising profession are provided below.​

 Introduction to Tasmanian Property Boundary and Land Survey Records (PDF 10Mb)

​Content delivered to University of Tasmania Surveying Practice course

 Case Studies – Evidence sources for Cadastral Surveys (PDF 6Mb)​

Examples of evidence sources considered during investigations into boundary surveys by the OSG, presented at the Geospatial Council of Australia Tasmanian conference in September 2023

 Principles Underpinning Application of Apportionment in Boundary Re-establishment (PDF 501Kb)

Presentation on legal principles underpinning the mathematical apportionment of differences to title boundary dimensions during a survey of land delivered to a land surveyor professional development workshop in November 2022​

 OSG Audit and Investigation Program (PDF 1Mb)

Excerpts from presentation delivered at a land surveyors workshop in November 2021 covering the purpose of the OSG audit program and presenting feedback from it and the survey investigation program. Includes a discussion on colonial era audit and investigation initiatives and the learnings from them that inform decision making in boundary re-establishment ​surveys today

 Learnings from Tasmanian Colonial Cadastral Survey History (PDF 4Mb)

Excerpts from presentation given at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Tasmanian Conference in 2019 outlining political, administrative and economic influences on the execution of surveys of land in colonial Tasmania and the lesson to apply to modern survey practice​


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