Central Plan Register

​​​​​​The Central Plan Register is constituted under the provisions of section 6 of the Survey Co-ordination Act 1944:
    6 (2) The proper officer of the public authority shall cause the survey to be carried out and plans to be prepared and forwarded in accordance with the requirements of the Surveyor-General and any plans so forwarded shall be lodged in the central plan office.

    6 (4) Any plan (whether or not made as the result of a survey), not being a plan prepared for the purposes of the Land Titles Act 1980, which is prepared by or on behalf of a public authority for the purposes of, or in connection with, the description in an Act, proclamation or other instrument of a legislative character of an area or boundary, shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements of this section and in such manner as the Surveyor-General considers necessary to achieve an accurate and, as near as possible, an unequivocal definition of any boundary on the ground.
Template files to support the preparation of administrative CPR plans may be found here. For guidelines on the preparation of CPR plans, please contact Jason Guinan (details below).

Plans of Survey to be lodged in the Central Plan Office are now generally required to be drafted by the Land Surveyor undertaking the survey.  Template files to support the preparation of Survey Notes on GDA2020 datum may be found here.  These templates may be altered for surveys on GDA94 datum as appropriate.  

Template files for Plans of Survey are currently under review and the Office of Surveyor-General should be contacted for the latest version and advice on preperation.

Copies of plans in the CPR are available from the Land Titles Office​ Plan Records Section and information about how to obtain them is available here​.


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