OSG Circular Memorandum No. 1-1996

​​​NOTE: This circular has subsequently been edited to reflect an amendment to the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995, effective from September 2007, that changed the coordination requirement for marine farm leases from AMG to MGA coordinates.

12 January, 1996


Depiction of Boundary Dimensions - Marine Farm Leases

Recent agreement between the Office of the Surveyor General and the Marine Resources Division of the Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries concluded that boundary dimensions be depicted on plans of Marine Farm Leases.

In future could you please ensure that survey notes, as well as showing AMG MGA coordinates on all corners, depict boundary dimensions described by AMG MGA bearings and spheroidal or sea level distances.

Also, please ensure mathematical consistency between the calculated dimensions and the depicted AMG MGA co-ordinates in that the bearing and distance should correctly compute in accordance with the co-ordinate values given.

All existing plans have been converted to this format by this Office.

R S Gane
Acting Surveyor General