Surveyors' Board Circular Memoranda - Archived Circulars


Circular Memoranda (1982-2001) issued by the [formerly constituted] Surveyors Board of Tasmania under provisions of:

  • Land Surveyors Act 1909
  • Land Surveyors (Survey Practice) By Laws 1982, and
  • Land Surveyors (Examination & Registration) By Laws 1982.
Copies of the circulars listed below may be obtained from the Office of the Surveyor General.

Note that the Offices of the Surveyor General and Recorder of Titles regularly issue Circular Memoranda that may affect survey practice.

2/200120/08/2001Approved Survey Practices - EDM Standardisation
1/200120/08/2001Approved Survey Practices - Description of Old Marks
1/200002/10/2000Approved practice for the documentation of distances in Authorised Surveys with particular reference to the use of GPS
1/199906/10/1999Survey Audit Program - Approved Survey Practices
2/199801/12/1998Land Titles Amendment (Revision & Law Reform) Bill 1998. Principles to be observed in amending the Land Titles Act 1980
1/199820/05/1998Land Titles Amendment (Revision & Law Reform) Bill 1998
1/199728/10/1997Survey guidelines - HEC Wayleave easements
2/199613/07/1996Survey requisition database; data validation
1/199620/02/1996Sub-standard requisition rates
2/199513/07/1995Use of GPS equipment - cadastral surveys
1/199513/07/1995Sub-standard surveys; requisition statistics
1/199425/07/1994Marking of Boundaries in Bushland
1/199302/11/1993Mutual Recognition Act
2/199221/12/1992Certificate of Practical Experience
1/199218/08/1992Amendment By-Laws
2/199123/12/1991Proposed revised format for Board examinations
1/199105/09/1991Correction of patent errors by the Recorder of Titles
1/199022/11/1990Approved Survey Practice - Computation & pegging of curvilinear boundaries
1/198913/03/1989Use of non-registered surveying personnel on cadastral surveys
1/198801/03/1988Stratum sub-division on General Law Conversion Titles
2/198508/10/1985Registration as a student
1/198523/05/1985Seminar 03/08/1985
5/198428/09/1984Registration as a student
4/198402/07/1984By-laws - Professional conduct & advertising
3/198402/07/1984Approved Survey Practice
- Survey equipment & methods
- Survey records & notes
- Boundary marks
- Survey accuracy
Annexures & examples attached
2/198422/02/1984Professional practice agreement - Recommended practice
1/198416/01/1984By-laws - Professional conduct & advertising
2/198328/06/1983Effective dates for By-laws
1/198321/06/1983Survey certificate (interim policy)
2/198201/12/1982Renewal of registration
1/198202/08/1982Effective dates for By-laws