Policy for the Brokerage of Survey Services

See also : Procedures for the brokerage of survey services

The Geospatial Infrastructure Branch provides for the brokerage of survey services to inner budget Government agencies. The brokerage of survey services is conducted in accordance with the following policies:
  • All procedures for procuring survey services comply with the Treasurer's Instruction published by the Department of Treasury and Finance at www.purchasing.tas.gov.au. A fully auditable record of all details for every tendered instruction is maintained.
  • Any surveying practice interested in providing services to Government will be included in the circulation list for notification of each new tender. Tenderers may be asked for proof of current professional indemnity, workers compensation and public liability insurance, and for evidence of compliance with the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, as a prerequisite for the acceptance of a tender.
  • Routine communication associated with the advertising, tendering and issue of instructions for surveys is by email and on the DPIPWE website.
  • All survey tenders are advertised, calling for fixed price quotations for the provision of the required services.1 Tenders valued between $1 and $100,000 (excluding GST) are advertised on the website; tenders valued greater than $100,000 (excluding GST) are publicly advertised in accordance with Treasurer's Instruction 1304.
  • All tenders received must nominate the surveyor who will undertake and certify the work. Each tender is assessed in accordance with the performance status of the nominated certifying surveyor.
  • Tenders may not be accepted from any surveyor with a history of poor performance or a low survey performance indicator irrespective of the prices tendered. The Surveyor General may determine the acceptance of any tender.
  • In the assessment of tenders, the selection procedures consider the prices tendered, and the comparative performance status of the nominated certifying surveyor.
These policies are implemented in accordance with detailed procedures issued as appropriate by the Geospatial Infrastructure Branch.

1The Surveyor General reserves the right to contact a service provider directly, without invoking the tendering processes, should circumstances warrant same.


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