Automatic Deemed Registration

​​​Automatic Deemed Registration (ADR) as a registered land surveyor in Tasmania is possible under the Automatic Mutual Recognition scheme provided certain conditions are met.

​​What is Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR)?

​AMR is a new Australian scheme that builds on existing mutual recognition arrangments and allows individuals to use their home state​ or territory registration in some occupations to temporarily work in other Australian jurisdictions that are participating in​​ the scheme. 

Provided certain pre-conditions are met​, under AMR individuals who hold a registration authorising them to do certain activities in their home state are able to perform the same activities in the second jurisdiction and ​are described as having Automatic Deemed Registration (ADR)

​​​How does AMR appl​​​y to land surveying in Tasmania?

​​A registered, or licenced, land surveyor from another Australian jurisdiction that has also adopted the AMR scheme may rely upon that registration or licence to work as a registered land surveyor in Tasmania.  Under AMR the individual is able to perform the same tasks and subject to the same conditions applying to their registration or licence in their home jurisdiction, provided they satisfy the notification requirements below. 

At present, it is limited to registered or licenced land surveyors from the following participating States and Territories:

​​​Queensland do not currently participate in AMR and New Zealand is not included in AMR.

What laws apply to land surveyors working under AMR ​​​​in Tasmania?​

Surveyors who achieve Automatic Deemed Registration in Tasmania must comply with all relevant Tasmanian laws that regulate how their activities are conducted. Information about land surveying practice and key legislation and regulations are listed on the TLSAB Useful Links​ page.​ For example, Tasmanian surveyors are subject to a field survey audit program​ and all newly registered surveyors are target audited. Surveyors are required to correct their survey at their own expense if it is found to be unsatisfactory. 

​Whilst working in Tasmania, surveyors are also subject to Tasmanian disciplinary arrangements and a failure to comply with requirements may result in ADR being cancelled. This may also result in suspension or cancellation of registration in other jurisdicti​​ons in which the surveyor is registered. 

Notification requirements for Automatic Deemed Registration

​Eligable interstate registered (or licenced) surveyors seeking ADR as as land surveyor in Tasmania are required to notify the Tasmanian Surveyor-General by completing the Notification Form (OSG Form D) prior to the commencement of any work in Tasmania.

 OSG Form D - ADR Notification form (PDF 508Kb)

If this notification is not provided then an essential pre-condition under AMR is not met and ADR does not apply.  Significant penalties apply to individuals who undertake surveys of land boundaries in Tasmania who are not registered in Tasmania.​​

Information to be provided in the notification includes :

  • Current and principal​ business and residential addresses;

  • Evidence of home State or Territory​ registration;

  • A statutory declaration concerning the home jurisdiction registration status and any other jurisdiction in which an practicioner is registered, including under ADR.​​​

​Home State or Territory means a practicioners primary place of residence or work.

Some of the information provided in the Notification Form will be included in the public Tasmanian Register of Surveyors​, including that ADR applies to the Land Competency.

There is no fee associated with the notification and you will not be issued with a Tasmanian registration certificate.

​​Tasmanian registered land surveyors who wish to work in another jurisdiction under AMR should contact the relevant jurisdiction regulator to determine it is available and for their requirements, which may include notification requiring proof of current insurance. 

What about the ex​isting Mutual Recognition Scheme?

AMR does not replace registration with the S​​​urveyor-General of Tasmania via mutual recogniton provisions. 

Practicioners from Queensland and New Zealand are only able to undertake surveys of land in Tasmania if they obtain substantive ​Tasmanian land surveyor registration under a mutual recognition application.​


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