How to Search the Land Titles Register

Who can search a title?

Anyone who pays the prescribed fee can search a title. 

Where can I search a title?

  • You can search a title at any one of the Government's Service Tasmania shops around the State.

  • The Department offers remote searching facilities through the Government's Land Information System Tasmania (The LIST).

  • You can write, requesting a title search, accompanied by the perscribed fee. Written requests should be addressed to: Land Titles Office, GPO Box 541, Hobart Tas 7001

  • You can search a title at the Land Titles Office, Level 1, 134 Macquarie Street, Hobart. The Office is open weekdays from 9am to 5pm​

​What information do I need?

Property titles are maintained in the Land Titles Register under a volume/folio reference. Having this reference saves you time and money in searching the title. Your solicitor, real estate agent or vendor should be able to provide you with this reference. If you do not have the title volume/folio reference, there are several ways of finding the reference, some of which may incur additional search fees:

  • the plan number and lot number reference to the property

  • the address of the property

  • identifying the property on a map or plan.

Office staff will search the Land Titles Office records on payment of the relevant fee. In order to assist the search, clients requesting assistance in person should provide any particulars known to them (ie. title reference, property identifier (PID), address, etc).

Land Titles Office staff cannot undertake historical searching.

What do I receive?

Your folio text result of the title search will set out:

  • the title number as a volume/folio reference

  • the description of land

  • current owner's names and tenancies held

  • any registered easements, mortgages, covenants, encumbrances, caveats, etc.

  • list of any unregistered dealings

NOTE: Where other documents (eg. schedule of easements or dealings) are required, copies may be purchased at an additional cost.

Copies supplied by the office are in black and white, hard copy and are A4 standard size.

What search fees are payable?

If you know the volume/folio reference a search fee is payable per title at the time of the search will provide you with a copy of the folio text and folio plan.

If staff are required to search and provide the reference for you an additional hourly(or part) fee is payable. Lengthy searches are subject to staff availability and also will incur the hourly(or part) fee. See the Land Titles Office Fees webpage.

​Historical Title, Family and Building Searches

For Historical Searches it is recommended that you consult a solicitor or title searching organisation.

The Land Titles Office does not conduct historical title or family history searches of property on behalf of clients.

The following organisations may be able to assist;

Please contact your local Council in the area for Historical Building searches.​​​

For a Historical Title Searching agent refer to Tasmanian Yellow Pages under Title Searches/Title Search Services.

Family History Searching

Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

The Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages​​

The Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office​

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