How to Search the Central Plan Office

Office counter staff will provide search copies of single plans, field notes, maps, charts and other records in the Central Plan Office where the reference is quoted and fee paid.

Surveys, Plans, maps and charts that are not prepared to support the Land Titles Register or the Registry of Deeds, can be found in the Central Plan Office. The Central Plan Office also includes plans prepared for lodgement in the Central Plan Register.

Land Titles Office counter staff will also provide Central Plan Office cadastral survey searches upon request. See "How to Complete a Cadastral Search".

Can I search the Central Plan Office Records from elsewhere?
Central Plan Office documents are currently available for search at the Land Titles Office only.

How do I search the Central Plan Office and Register?
Central Plan Office records and Central Plan Register plans - Office counter charts and index books will be made available to clients searching central plan office plan references, & copies from scanned images will be provided.

Central Plan Register - Land Titles Office counter staff will search the central plan register and provide copies from scanned originals where a reference is quoted & fee paid.

What Central Plan Office Records are unsearchable at the Land Titles Office Search Counter?
The majority of the Central Plan Office records are now scanned, and the originals relocated. Those that are not relocated are protected from excessive handling. For that reason access to Central Plan Office original records is restricted to counter staff only.

Fees to Search Central Plan Office Records:
$10.00 per plan (monochrome) or $10.00 per plan with survey notes
$20.00 per plan (monochrome) greater than A3 in size
$40.00 per hour or part

Central Plan Office Searching Hours:
9.00am to 4.30pm weekdays

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