Office Circular No. 1/2020





Following the commencement of the New Year there has been a significant increase in the number of incoming telephone enquiries directed to the Land Titles Office. The vast majority of these calls have been parties requesting updates on progress towards registration.

A busy December 2019 has resulted in a backlog of documents awaiting registration. As of 3 February 2020 we are processing documents lodged on 15 January 2020. We are working to clear this backlog as quickly as we can, and lodgements are being processed in the order they were received.

Our work to clear the backlog is being delayed by the number of telephone enquiries we are receiving. Each call received asking for progress updates is a registration that is not getting completed. I would like to remind LIST subscribers that information about the status of unregistered dealings and plans is available on LIST.

Furthermore, calls are being made by multiple parties to the same dealing. It is my position that we are only obliged to be discussing the progress of matters with the party that lodged the document in question. This is especially the case for telephone enquiries.

Following the release of the Section 138W Guide in late 2019 the LTO is continuing to work on a range of similar materials to provide guidance to our clients.  Work is also being undertaken to improve status information of unregistered plan dealings available on the LIST and should be completed in the coming weeks.

I request that if you do need to make an enquiry in relation to general matters or urgent information is needed about the progress of dealings you direct them to


Recorder of Titles


Land Titles Office

Level 1, 134 Macquarie Street,
Hobart, TAS, 7000.