Office Circular No. 1/2021

​​​​DATE: 4 FEBRUARY 2021




Page Numbering

There have been changes made to the way TOLD formats some dealings, specifically annexure pages in order to achieve consistency with the way in which such dealings are manually prepared.

Specifically, it was the case that when a small number of forms were prepared in TOLD, additional data that did not fit within the relevant field on a form “rolled" to a 2nd page, not an annexure page. Now it is the case that all forms prepared on TOLD will place additional data that does not fit within the relevant field onto an annexure page. This change aligns forms prepared in TOLD with how forms are formatted in a “paper" environment.

It is to be noted that when lodging through the Land Titles Office all pages following the initial form must be numbered sequentially from that first form page.

For dealings which are not prepared on TOLD the annexure page has been modified and the updated version is now available under supporting documents in TOLD.

Please refer to the attached examples for further clarification.

Signatures on Annexure Pages

If an annexure page is required for the purposes of an execution clause only, it is only those parties to the execution clause that are required to sign. Otherwise all parties to the dealing are required to sign every annexure page. Note that initials are not sufficient and a signature in full is required.

Dates on Dealings

The LTO takes this opportunity to remind all that dealings are to be dated prior to lodgment. It is unfortunate that a great number of requisitions and associated costs arise due to a failure to date documents. 

Printed Forms

Note that forms printed must include all footer information. This is not TOLD related but a result of personal printer settings. The LTO has been receiving an increased number of dealings that are not printed properly and whilst not affecting the intent it is a departure from the full form and will be requisitioned.

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​Recorder of Titles​

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