Office Circular No. 11/2024

DATE: 1 March 2024



The Recorder's Directions which take effect on 7 March 2024 make binding Directions relating to the preparation and lodgement for registration of applications, dealings, instruments, and other documents for the purposes of the Land Titles Act 1980

The Directions also provide the Land Titles Office the power to conduct Compliance Examinations to ensure Subscribers – law practices, legal practitioners, licensed conveyancers and financial institutions – have complied with all relevant requirements of the Recorder's Directions.

As part of the initial notice to the Subscriber, a Record of Compliance will be attached. The Record of Compliance provides guidance about the supporting evidence which will be required for the purposes of a Compliance Examination. It is only required to be returned to the Land Titles Office in the event of a Compliance Examination, not upon lodgement of the Registry Instrument or other Document, and is to be submitted alongside the supporting evidence.

The Record of Compliance is available on the Land Titles Office website, linked below:

Compliance Examinations

Subscribers may wish to utilise the Record of Compliance in the preparation of Registry Instruments and other Documents to assist in meeting some of the requirements contained in the Recorder's Directions.

Recorder of Titles


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