Office Circular No. 3/2024

​​​​​​​​Office Circular No. 3/2024

DATE: 5 February 2024



Reference is made to Office Circular 06/2023 and to the draft Recorder's Directions which have been circulated, and are about to be made pursuant to Section 160A of the Land Titles Act 1980.

The Recorder's Directions when issued, will have a significant impact on practices and procedures related to property conveyancing.  To assist conveyancing practitioners and the general public, the Land Titles Office has created a number of webpages on our public website, these are available below:

Lodgment Requirements

The webpages provide information and relevant frequently asked questions on a number of topics relating to the soon to be introduced requirements, including; Verification of Identity (VOI), Verification of right to deal, Client Authorisation, Retention of Evidence, Certifications and Compliance Examinations.

For an overview of the property conveyancing reforms, please see the webpage Reforms to Conveyancing Process​.

​Generally these reforms are drawn from the National Electronic Conveyancing process. The Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) has developed a considerable amount of material supporting National Electronic Conveyancing including the Model Participation Rules Guidance Notes, which are a valuable reference in respect of the Tasmanian reforms to paper-based conveyancing in so far as they may apply. Consequently, the material may be relevant and referred to.

If you have any questions regarding these reforms, please make contact with our office via

Recorder of Titles​​​


Land Titles Office

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