Office Circular No. 8/2024

DATE: 26 February 2024



The Recorder's Directions which take effect on 7 March 2024 make binding Directions relating to the preparation and lodgement for registration of applications, dealings, instruments, and other documents for the purposes of the Land Titles Act 1980.

The Directions require Subscribers to provide certifications in relation to Registry Instruments and other Documents. Certifications provide representations by the Subscriber to the Recorder of Titles that the Registry Instrument or Document lodged complies with the relevant laws and requirements.

Further information on certifications is available on the Land Titles Office website, linked below:



Clause 11.2 of the Directions specifies “Where a Registry Instrument or other Document does not set forth certifications the Subscriber is deemed on lodgment of the Registry Instrument or other Document to have provided the relevant certifications required by the Registrar."

For the convenience of conveyancing practitioners, the Recorder of Titles has highlighted the relevant certifications to be provided by a Subscriber, depending on the Subscriber's role in the Conveyancing Transaction.

The Certifications provided by Subscribers table sets out the relevant Certifications and is available on the Land Titles Office website, linked below:

Certification Rules


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