Office Circular No 1-2001

1 March 2001

SUBJECT : Re-Mark Plan Identification and Presentation

1. Re-Mark Plan Identification

A new method of identifying Re-Mark plans lodged with the Land Titles Office will be implemented from 1 May 2001. It will apply to all Re-Mark plans lodged on or after that date. Existing Re-Mark plans will not be affected except where it is convenient to the Office to bring them forward to a new plan file.

The new identifier will simplify and assist the referencing and search recovery of Re-Mark plans.

A unique reference will be allocated by the Office upon lodgement of the Re-Mark plan. The unique reference will identify the plan file with which the Re-Mark is scanned and will allow survey note references to Re-Marks to be more specific than the current method of description quoting the Surveyor and date.

The form of the unique reference will be as follows:

R123456/1 where

/ 1
(Plan No. with which filed)
(Unique No.)

Searchers are reminded that Re-Mark plans are either scanned as part of the survey notes of a plan of survey or, where no plan of survey exists, as survey notes of the plan of title.

2. Re-Mark Plan Presentation

Re-Mark plans for lodgement with the Land Titles Office which are certified by the Surveyor on or after 1 May 2001 are to be prepared on the Land Titles Office approved Re-Mark plan form and lodged at A3 size.

The Re-Mark plan form is available from the Office in hard copy. The form is also available on the Land Titles Office Plan Format disk.

This will standardise the format of Re-Mark plans and facilitate identification and scanning.

Alice Kawa
Recorder of Titles