Office Circular No. 1-2004


All Registered Land Surveyors, Solicitors and Councils, Tasmania




At the request of our clients the Land Data Registration Branch (LDRB) plan forms have been revised to accommodate printing and lodging individual plan sheets.

As a result, all LDRB plan form sheets are now printed as individual sheets each requiring appropriate signatures and dates to support lodgement.

Copies of the new plan forms are attached in this circular and may be viewed on the recorder of Titles website. Please phase in the use of these forms such that all plans lodged from 1 January 2005 should be completed on the new Form and ensure:
  • a council approval page is included with every plan of survey lodged
  • relevant signatures & dates are provided as indicated on Plan Forms prior to lodgement at this office
  • the survey firm is included on council approval pages, strata site plans and on amending strata pages.

    The new LDRB plan forms are described as follows:

    File NumberForm Description
    1-1.Plan of Survey (Face Plan)
    1-2.Plan of Survey (Approval Page)
    1-3.Plan of Survey (Survey Notes)
    2.Plan of Survey Annexure Sheet
    3.Survey Notes Annexure Sheet
    4.Remark Plan
    5-1.Strata Plan (Site Plan)
    5-2.Strata Plan (Lot Presentation)
    5-3.Strata Plan (General Unit Entitlement)
    5-4.Strata Plan (Special Unit Entitlement)
    6.Compiled Balance Plan
    7.Sketch by Way of Illustration Only Balance Plan

    Clients printing LDRB plan form sheets for lodgement at the LDRB should ensure there is no variation from the plan forms attached to this circular. In addition, all printed plan form sheets should conform with the following:
  • A3 size
  • minimum paper thickness of 135gsm
  • able to withstand erasure and amendment without affecting paper quality
  • capable of permanently retaining ink work &/or print (an inkjet printer is recommended).

    Prior to lodging plans at the LDRB clients are advised as follows:
  • folding plan form sheets may cause the plan to be rejected
  • shading on plans will not readily scan and may cause the plan to be rejected
  • amendments to data are to remain transparent by the plan, ie white-out amendments will not be accepted
  • plan data is to be prepared at a recognised scale
  • all plans should be prepared in accordance with the LDRB Plan Drawing Specifications per the Recorder of Titles website.

    LDRB plan forms are available for purchase from the LDRB as follows:
  • hard copy forms printed on 296gsm arctic embossed ivory board
  • CD-Rom disks prepared for use with Microstation, Autocad Release 12 or Autocad 2000 software packages.

    Further plan form information (including price) is available on the Recorder of Titles webpages.

    Contact: Office of the Recorder of Titles (Plan Records )
    Manager Plan Records
    Level 1
    134 Macquarie Street
    Hobart TAS 7000
    Phone: 03 6165 4167
    Fax: 03 6223 8089