Office Circular No. 1-2009

Distribution: General

Subject: Service Deliveries and Strategic Initiatives

The global financial crisis has had a widespread impact across both the public and private sectors. The Tasmanian Government has been forced to make tough budget decisions some of which have a direct impact on the Land Titles Office (LTO). The LTO already delivers services in a busy environment with constant demands that often require prioritisation and/or reallocation of resources.

As at the end of October 2009 the LTO has had a 12% increase in lodgments and a 15% increase in plans in comparison to the same time last year. The combination of all of these factors has required me to review the Office's priorities both in the short and longer term.

I have decided that in the short term the LTO will be ensuring that data entry of dealings is completed within 24 hours of lodgment, that plans related to subdivisions and compliant Early Issue Plans are given priority, and that information is forwarded to interested parties as quickly as possible after registration.

A plan to meet the new priorities has been implemented. To date, the LTO has largely been able to enter dealings within 24 hours and I believe the dissemination of information, upon registration, is also generally meeting client needs.

There has however been a delay in the registration of dealings. It is expected that these delays will remain at current levels. In relation to plans, approval of plans of subdivision is on average taking 5 weeks.

In the longer term the LTO anticipates that major digital initiatives such as electronic conveyancing and ePlan (automated lodgment and partial examination of plans) will reduce registration times.

In the short term, the LTO is implementing a range of initiatives to better utilise existing resources. For example, the LTO:

    • is developing ways to encourage clients to use the internet in preference to over the counter and phone enquiries,
    • has discontinued pre-lodgment assessment of dealings, and
    • now reserves the right to not register dealings over the counter where examination is time consuming and extensive (in these circumstances the dealing would be processed in the same way as dealings lodged by mail).
Whilst the counter remains open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm as part of this plan it is requested that commercial clients access counter services at 134 Macquarie Street between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Commercial clients can still access counter services after 4:00 pm but it is preferable when possible if commercial business could be conducted before 4:00 pm.

I am confident that these measures will enable us to continue to provide efficient and effective services to our clients. However, should you have any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Michael Varney on 6233 6635.

Alice Kawa
Recorder of Titles