Office Circular No. 2-2002

29 August 2002

SUBJECT: Redevelopment of the Land Titling System (TasFol)

The computerised system of titling used in the Land Data Registration Branch called "TasFol" has been in operation since 1992 and runs on "Ingres" software.

The Department has decided for reasons of efficiency to re-write the TasFol applications in "Oracle" software.

This changeover has presented the ideal opportunity for re-engineering our business processes particularly in the areas of faster registration of dealings and stricter financial accountability for payment of fees.

Basically the new lodgement system will allow dealings to be entered into TasFol as an unregistered dealing and the system will immediately issue a payment slip for fees to be receipted by the Cashier. This applies to mail lodgements as well as lodgements in person.

Most "whole of land" dealings will be entered in the system and examined for immediate registration, which will be effected if the correct remittances have been tendered. Assuming the documents are in order for registration and the fees are correct then titles will issue immediately and either be handed to the client if in attendance or despatched to the lodging party if lodged by mail.

Consequently the LDRB will not be able to cater for receipting mail lodgements which require dutiable documents to be separated for later assessment, as is currently the practice.

The alternative method of accepting and entering dutiable documents into TasFol prior to assessment and stamping is prevented by Section 243 of the Duties Act 2001.

In other words, the current practice of the Land Data Registration Branch receiving dutiable documents and remittances for separation and transmission to the State Revenue Office will be discontinued.

Therefore ALL dutiable documents lodged with the Land Data Registration Branch on and after 30 September 2002 must have stamp duty already assessed and stamped.

Clients will be aware of the inefficiencies of the previous system, whereby the physical location of their documents between the Land Data Registration Branch and State Revenue Office were often unknown.

The separation of documents also led to frustration and conflict when for example, the State Revenue Office requisitioned and returned documents for stamp duty matters and the Land Data Registration Branch returned the remaining documents after three (3) months due to audit requirements.

Tasmania does not intend to follow other Torrens jurisdictions which insist on remote commercial firms using agents to lodge in the Registry and will continue to allow for mail lodgements, provided the stamp duty has been previously assessed and stamped.

Recorder of Titles