Office Circular No 3-2000

SUBJECT: Land Titles (Fees) Regulations 1999
Registration of Deeds Amendment (Fees) Regulations 1999
Conveyancing and Law of Property (Fees) Regulations 1999
Strata Titles (Fees) Regulations 1999

Fee Units Act 1997 (as amended)
Pursuant to the Fee Units Act 1997 the Treasurer has set the value of a fee unit for the 2000-2001 financial year at $1.02.

The Fee Units Act 1997 provides that the amount of new fees is to be calculated by multiplying the number of fee units applicable by the value of a fee unit and that the fee is rounded down to the nearest cent.

Attached is a brief schedule of fees [link removed].

A full list of fees [link to old fees removed] will be available through the Departmental website for the Land Titles Office.

All lodgement fees and charges set out in the above Regulations have been given an exemption from the Goods and Services Tax.

All other goods and services, such as the sale of the Land Titles Office Practice Book, Forms on Disk, survey forms and copies of Central Plan Office Surveys, etc. will of course attract GST.

Recorder of Titles