Office Circular No. 3-2005


SUBJECT: General Law Conversion Program

I am in a position to reinvigorate the general law conversion program having received funding for the project for the next two years. This means time and resources will be committed towards converting General Law land to Torrens Title as a precursor to providing a more fluent and comprehensive on-line system, and a legislative basis for land ownership.

A significant number of General Law deeds remain with law firms; held as proof of ownership, security or under safe custody. My office will take responsibility for the receipt, transport and security of deeds collected under the program. I will enter into an agreement with the relevant law firm, part of which will underpin the process. Once a parcel of land is registered under the Land Titles Act 1980 a Certificate of Title with accompanying plan will be issued and forwarded to you along with the original deeds, which you may wish to retain for historical purposes or hand on to your clients.

I seek your assistance in the completion of this conversion process. An obvious benefit exists to holders of general law deeds to participate in the conversion program whilst dedicated resources exist. We are currently committed to providing an effective on-line electronic lodgement system, but in order for us to progress to the next stage of this service we need to complete the conversion program.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact Richard Fielding on 6233 3579 or email or Peter Clark on 6233 3578 or email

Alice Kawa
30 August 2005