Office Circular No. 3-2006



The Strata Titles Act 1998 has been amended.

The Strata Titles Amendment Act 2006 received Royal Assent on 18 December 2006.

The affected sections of the Strata Titles Act are listed below:

Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
Section 3A inserted (Meaning of 'common property')
Section 4 amended (Division of land by strata plan)
Section 5 amended (Requirements for strata plan)
Section 6 amended (Lodgment of plan for registration)
Section 8 amended (Effect of registration)
Part 2 Division 4 heading amended
Section 14 amended (Creation &c, of easements, covenants and
profits a prendre)
Section 17 amended (Change of unit entitlements)
Section 19 amended (Application for amendment)
Section 19A inserted (Alteration or addition of buildings)
Section 31 amended (Application for, and grant of, certificate of approval)
Section 31AA inserted (Requirement for staged development scheme)
Section 31A substituted (Lot taken not to be a subdivision)
Section 71 amended (Establishment of body or bodies corporate)
Section 72 amended (Merger and division of bodies corporate)
Section 75 amended (General meetings of body corporate)
Section 79 amended (Committee of management)
Section 80 amended (Appointment of manager)
Section 81 amended (Functions of body corporate)
Section 83 amended (Contributions)
Section 86 repealed
Section 87 amended (Address for service)
Section 88 amended (Mailbox)
Section 89 amended (Appointment of administrator)
Section 90 amended (Power to make by-laws)
Section 94 amended (Exclusive use by-laws)
Section 99 amended (Insurance of buildings etc. by body corporate)
Section 101 amended (Other insurance)
Section 126 substituted (Orders regarding insurance)
Section 129 repealed
Section 131 substituted (Orders relating to new building or structural alteration or addition to lot)
Section 134 repealed
Section 137 amended (Enforcement of orders)
Section 139 amended (Order may have effect as resolution of body corporate)
Section 151 substituted (General provision about use of lots)
Schedule 1 amended (Model by-laws)

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You can access the amended Strata Titles Act 1998 by clicking on this link.

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