Office Circular No. 4-2003

DISTRIBUTION:Solicitors, Surveyors, Banks, Councils

Review of the Land Titles Act 1980

Very few submissions have been received in response to the earlier Office Circular 2/2003 dated 24 March 2003 regarding the Review of the Land Titles Act 1980.

In light of the limited response it would appear that the Act is working better than expected, and whilst the review will go ahead it need not be on the same scale as first anticipated.

I am happy to receive any more submissions regarding problems with the Land Titles Act 1980 before finalising the scope of the review.

You can assist in this process by notifying this Office of the problems you have encountered with the Act.

If you wish to participate in the process of identifying problems with the Act please forward your submission to:

Senior Policy Analyst - Office of the Recorder of Titles

Recorder of Titles
29 September 2003