Office Circular No. 4/2019

DATE:   28 AUGUST 2019



SUBJECT: Change to Notice of Sale Form

Changes to State Revenue Office (SRO) systems and legislation, together with the implementation of the new Valuation System means that the Land Titles Office (LTO) is no longer collecting some of the information on the current Notice of Sale (NOS) Form.

In light of these changes the LTO has taken the opportunity to update the form and to ensure:

  • clients are not duplicating information already supplied to SRO;
  • the name of the form has been changed to Notice of Change to Ownership to reflect that it relates to change of ownership, not just a sale; and
  • registered proprietors have a method of notifying the LTO of change of address for service of notices (this change can then be forwarded to the relevant Council, SRO and the Office of the Valuer-General).

A copy of the new Notice of Change to Ownership form is attached.

The amended form will be introduced in the next Tasmanian Online Land Dealings (TOLD) system release, which is scheduled for mid to late-September 2019.

The “old" Notice of Sale form will be accepted by the LTO for a period of 12 months from the date of introduction of the new Change to Ownership form.

  Notice of Change to Ownership   (588Kb)


Deputy Recorder of Titles


Land Titles Office

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