Circular Memorandum No 5-1998

25 November 1998

Distribution: Surveyors


1. Introduction
Section 5 of the Strata Titles Act 1998 sets out the requirements for a strata plan. Subsection (1)(j) states that a strata plan must "contain other information and features required by the Recorder".

Surveyors are advised that when preparing plans under the legislation, the requirements of the Recorder include the following information and features :

2. Strata plan requirements
2.1 A north point which needs to be directed upwards is to be shown on Sheet 1.

2.2 All buildings on the site are to be shown on sheet 1.

2.3 Building to site boundary offsets of less than 2.00 metres are to be shown on sheet 1.

2.4 Lot numbers are to be shown on sheet 1 (preferably within the building lines) to identify the location of each lot within the site. This is particularly relevant in a "village" style scheme where numerous lot details may extend over many sheets. (See sample N.7 on page 12 of this Circular).

2.5 The boundary details of each lot in a site are to be described graphically and verbally in a style consistent with the standards set out in paragraph 3 of this Circular.

2.6 Where a lot is shown in two or more parts in a site, that each part is to be labelled as "PART OF LOT ... " in the strata plan.

2.7 Where a body corporate is being divided, or where special unit entitlements are being created, the appropriate special purpose strata annexure sheet must be used.

2.8 The name of a scheme on a plan is to accord with Section 68 and the name of a strata corporation on a plan is to accord with Section 71 of the Act.

2.9 The form and content of industry generated strata plans (paper board and content software) are to be as specified and approved by the Recorder.

2.10 Be drawn to scale.

3. Strata plan lot boundary descriptions
3.1 The six enclosed samples are for information only and should not be construed to be definitive of strata development types or styles -
  • sample 1 commercial lots
  • sample 2 rural lots
  • sample 3 villa lots
  • sample 4 conjoined lots
  • sample 5 multi-level lots
  • sample 6 separate floor level lots

Strata Plan Lot Boundary Samples (171 KB)

3.2 The horizontal and vertical description of lot boundaries in a strata plan need to be precise, unambiguous and capable of re-definition.

3.3 Open lot boundaries that are complex to describe may require the support of sketch notes with sufficient detail to enable re-definition.

3.4 Open lot boundaries that are -
    i) the prolongation of building structures, or
    ii) perpendicular to building structures
    should be described as such unless defined by measurement.
3.5 Section 5(3) provides - If a lot is separated from another lot, or from common property, by a boundary structure, (wall, floor or ceiling) the boundary is, unless otherwise stipulated in the strata plan, the centre of the boundary structure.

All horizontal and vertical lot boundaries will need to be described in a strata plan, unless all lot boundaries are boundary structures.

3.6 The terminology "ground floor", or similar, is required to be shown on a strata plan where the lots are only buildings, or where the lots extend over more than one vertical level.

3.7 Where parking easements are to be created under the Conveyancing and Law of Property (Parking Easements) Act 1998, the parking bays and access ways if shown on a strata plan must be labelled and be defined both vertically and horizontally as appropriate to the site.

4. Master plans for schemes
The plans and sketches being prepared as part of a master plan for a staged development scheme, or community development scheme, need to be in metric size A2, A3 or A4 format with sufficient clarity for capture by scanning as an image file.

The legislation has introduced many innovations into strata schemes, however, the basic requirements for preparing a strata plan remain much the same.

This Circular replaces No. 3 of 1991, titled "Stratum Plan Drawing Guide".

Should you have any queries or require further information regarding strata plans, schemes or documentation, please contact my Office.

Recorder of Titles