Office Circular No. 5-2012

DATE: 13 December 2012CIRCULAR MEMORANDUM: 5/2012DISTRIBUTION: GENERALSUBJECT: Land Titles Regulations 2012The Land Titles Regulations 2002 have been replaced by the Land Titles Regulations 2012 which take effect as of 18 December 2012. The current requirement for an occupation to be stated for parties to the transaction and witnesses has been removed from regulation 13(1)(i) in the Land Titles Regulations 2012. The Recorder of Titles considers the value of providing occupation details has diminished over time and is obsolete. This is the only difference between the two sets of Regulations.As of 18 December 2012, the Land Titles Regulations 2012 can be accessed at the Tasmanian Government's legislation website KAWARecorder of Titles