Office Circular No. 7-2003





There has been an increasing trend by some lodging parties to ignore filling in the names and last known postal address of all persons who have a registered interest in the land against which a Caveat is lodged.

By definition under section 3 of the Land Titles Act 1980 this means not only the registered proprietors shown in the First Schedule of the folio of the Register, but also those with a registered interest shown in the Second Schedule. This includes mortgagees, encumbrancees, lessees, etc.

In the past, Land Data Registration Branch staff conducted such searches on behalf of the lodging party in order to effect notice as required under the Act.

At a time of record high work levels, this additional and unnecessary burden on Branch staff cannot continue.

Lodging parties are reminded of their obligations to fully complete the Caveat form to allow it to be registered and notice given to all parties with a registered interest.

Recorder of Titles
11 December 2003