Overriding Interest Application Forms

​Part XVA of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1884 (the Act) provides for persons to make an application to the Recorder of Titles in relation to overriding interests.

'Overriding interests' are particular interests in land defined in section 84A of the Act.

The Recorder of Titles is the tribunal of first instance in overriding interest applications.

The Conveyancing and Law of Property Regulations 2022 prescribe the procedures to be followed in overriding interest applications.

The Regulations allow the Recorder of Titles to authorise forms for use in overriding interest applications.

In Office Circular 12/2022, the following forms were authorised for use by the Recorder of Titles from 29 November 2022:

  • Application form CLP, authorised under regulation 4; and
  • Notice of Appearance form CLN, authorised under regulation 6

PDFs of the forms can be accessed below and will soon be available on TOLD.

Note: The back of forms cannot be used, please do not print double-sided

A completed lodgement form should accompany these forms.​

 Application - CLP Form (PDF 528Kb)

 Notice of Appearance - CLN  (PDF 391Kb)​


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