Plan Documentation

​​​​​​When lodging a plan to the R​ecorder of Titles, the plan must conform to specified requirements. This site specifies the requirements to be followed and provides a number of checklists to use when developing or amending a plan.

In this Topic

  • Plan Registration Information
    Plan and survey note drafting specifications, plan and diagram types, easements on plans, user roads, Crown Lands Orders, boundary reinstatement.
  • Plan of Survey Checklist
    Checklist to ensure a survey plan is accurate and reflects all information in the survey notes for a survey of land.
  • Plan of Survey (Approval Page)
    All Land Titles Office plan form sheets are now printed as individual sheets each requiring appropriate signatures and dates to support lodgement.
  • Strata Plan Checklist
    Important points to remember when creating or checking a strata title plan.
  • Lodgements Checklist
    A guide to ensure your Plan and Dealing lodgements are complete.
  • Plan Forms
    Land Titles Office plan form sheets amended September 2018 and survey notes sheets updated October 2020. The new forms are now able to be downloaded as individual PDF's or as AutoCAD or MicroStation files containing all the sheets. Each sheet requires appropriate signatures and dates.
  • Strata Plan (Amendment - Development) Checklist
    Points to remember when altering a strata plan.


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