Lodgements Checklist

Plan and Dealings and/or other documents
This checklist is prepared to assist clients lodging plans, dealings, and/or other documents at the Land Titles Office.

All lodgments at the Land Titles Office should be accompanied by a lodgment form. The completed lodgement form should provide the date of the lodgement, the lodging party, the party to whom the titles are to be returned, and a full list of all the documentation being lodged. The lodgment form should be used in all cases where documentation is lodged, regardless of whether complete documentation, single sheet, or final plan link-ups.

In addition,
Prior to lodging Plans at the Land Titles Office please ensure that each Plan is:
    • accompanied by plan lodgement fees
    • fully signed and completed
    • accompanied by relevant title or production slip receipt
    • fully signed and completed on any supporting Schedule of Easements
    • the 'original' plan (see also Priority Final Plan Scheme (PFP) Material‚Äč for PFP Scheme information)
    • presented in accordance with Recorder of Titles plan drawing specifications
    • presented on current plan forms.
For all other plan lodgements where a Dealing forms part of the lodgement - please ensure the Dealing is also:
    • the 'original' dealing
    • accompanied by dealing lodgement fees
    • fully signed and completed
    • duty assessed by the State Revenue Office where relevant
    • accompanied by relevant title or production slip receipt.
Where the new plan sheets are lodged for the purpose of amending a registered Sealed Plan or Strata Plan please ensure the purpose is clearly noted on the lodgement form and:
    • that the amending sheets are the 'original' sheets and are fully signed and completed
    • accompanied by an 'original' dealing to activate the amendment - (stamp duty assessed where relevant)
    • accompanied by the relevant sealed plan or strata plan amendment fees, and
    • labelled (eg "NEW SHEET 1 OF 6 SHEETS" for replacement strata plan sheets).


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