Priority Final Plan Scheme (PFP) Material

​​​To assist with the preparation and lodgment under the PFP scheme and enjoy its benefits, the Land Titles Office has developed documents.  The Priority Final Plan Practice Guide contains detailed information related to PFP scheme compliance and notices, and the Checklist and Certification that maybe included with lodgments (the Checklist and Certification can also be found separately):

Priority ​Final Plan Practice Guide

Priority Final Plan Checklist and Certification

PFP Scheme Reviews are available:

Priority Final Plan 2020-2021 Review

Other NRE Tas material is available to assist with preparation and lodgment under the PFP Scheme:

Plan Documentation

Land Titles Office Fees

Current Survey Policy and Practice

Survey Directions

Office Circular No. 5/2019

Office Circular No. 6/2020​​​​​​


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