Strata Plan Checklist

1. The strata scheme is over a "full" status folio, not a "sketch".

2. Site measurements accord with the plan of title measurements.

3. Site plan boundaries mirror the folio plan boundaries.

4. Plan of survey (re-definition) required to support site if a "sketch" folio or if site measurements do not accord with the folio plan.

5. Site plan shows all building offsets of less than 2.00 metres.

6. Site plan and all building and lot details are drawn to scale.

7. Sheet 1 title block and details are current and correct.

8. Site plan abuttal information is current and correct, including a connection to a road junction or similar for location purposes.

9. Name of scheme is an address in a city, town, suburb or locality, or a name approved by the Recorder of Titles.

10. Each strata level is adequately defined (basement, ground floor, etc.) on a separate sheet as per Land Titles Office Circular Memorandum No. 5 of 1998.

11. The vertical and horizontal boundaries of each lot are adequately defined (both written and graphically) as per Land Titles Office Circular Memorandum No 5 of 1998 and the Survey Requirements for Strata Plans prescribed by the Survey Directions Tasmania pursuant to the Surveyors Act 2002.

12. Lot areas are correctly shown on each detail sheet.

13. Each lot has a unit entitlement and units are totalled on the final sheet.

14. Council and surveyor's certificates are signed and dated.

15. Council declaration is required if building extends under or over a highway.

16. Name of the body corporate is shown on the plan.

17. Address for the service of notices is shown on the plan.

18. A specific annexure sheet is required if special unit entitlements are being created or if the body corporate is being divided.