2020 Strata Discussion Paper and Consultation

​​​​A consultation process was initiated to engage with key stakeholders and interested members of the broader Tasmanian community to assess community opinion, generate constructive feedback and foster support for the development of new legislation. 

A reference group was established made up of representatives from government and the strata industry. A draft of the Discussion Paper was provided to the reference group who had the opportunity to provide comments and make suggestions for amendments to the draft before the Discussion Paper was released to the public. 

A public consultation period was held and interested parties were invited to provide submissions on any or all the focus areas outlined in the Discussion Paper, and on any other issues relating to strata titles.​

​Public submissions

A total of 24 submissions (23 public and 1 confidential) were received during the consultation period in response to the Discussion Paper and submission request. Submissions were received in relation to items raised in the Discussion Paper, other parts of the Act and other aspects of strata living. 

Public submissions received are provided below.​​

 Submission 1 - Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Tasmanian Division) (PDF 141Kb)

 Submission 2 - Law Society of Tasmania (PDF 297Kb)

 Submission 3 - Local Government Association Tasmania (PDF 215Kb)

 Submission 4 - Planning Institute Australia (PDF 149Kb)

 Submission 5 - Shelter Tas (PDF 471Kb)

 Submission 6 - Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Tasmania Region (PDF 65Kb)

 Submission 7 - Clarence City Council (PDF 188Kb)

 Submission 8 - Meander Valley Council (PDF 250Kb)

 Submission 9 - Northern Midlands Council (PDF 1Mb)​

 Submission 10 - OBO Body Corporate (PDF 115Kb)

 Submission 11 - Poatina Village Body Corporate (PDF 370Kb)

 Submission 12 - Salamanca Mews Body Corporate (PDF 655Kb)​

 Submission 13 - St James Close Body Corporate (PDF 341Kb)​

 Submission 14 - Nigel Burridge - Strata (PDF 285Kb)

 Submission 15 - Sally Bevis - Terrace Strata (PDF 172Kb)

 Submission 16 - Craig Terry (PDF 555Kb)​

 Submission 17 - Rod Heather (PDF 50Kb)

 Submission 18 - Margaret & Bruce Hyland (PDF 261Kb)

 Submission 19 - Rosalie Bouwmeester (PDF 196Kb)

 Submission 20 - Peter Tyrell (PDF 131Kb)

 Submission 21 - Max Roberts (PDF 125Kb)

 Submission 22 - KM Rodda (PDF 196Kb)

 Submission 23 - Judith Little and Margaret Chandler (PDF 82Kb)

Unless indicated otherwise, submissions are treated as public information and therefore published on our website. No personal information will be published other than an individual's name or the organisation making a submission.