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​​​​​​​​The locationmatters newsletter is produced by Heritage and Land Tasmania aims to provide professionals and the general public with interesting articles and news about land information in Tasmania. We encourage you to provide feedback or ideas for future issues and hope you take advantage of this opportunity to keep in touch.

In this edition read about Land Titles Office reform, along with the following articles:
  • What is on offer at AGFEST

  • National Electronic Conveyancing

  • Aerial imagery capture program

  • Environment and Sustainability Award winners

  • 2023 Statutory Valuation Program

  • Built Heritage Grant Scheme

  • TASSIC workforce development forum

  • Progress towards a new LITSmap and COP

  • New TASMAP products

In this edition read about new LISTmap and COP enhancements to deliver hazards and climate data, along with the following articles:
  • What is on offer at AGFEST

  • Implementing National Electronic Conveyancing

  • Exploring heritage listings online

  • Early warnings to attack remote bushfires

  • Back to the future for Heritage Summit

  • Valuation Adjustment Factors

  • Biggest imagery and LiDAR capture program

  • 10 new Aboriginal and dual names approved

  • Land Titles Office holds information session

  • New TASMAP products


 Location Matters - Edition 21 - June 2022 (PDF 3Mb)

In this edition read about advancements made to the Tasmanian Heritage Register through LISTmap, along with the following articles:

  • ​​The pick of the crop (new enterprise suitability and climate change data for producers available via the LIST)

  • New Aboriginal and dual names approved

  • Online training now available for LISTmap

  • Special Intelligence Gathering helicopter boosts emergency response

  • 1:50 000 state wide coverage is now complete

  • Ongoing reform in the Land Titles Office

  • New TASMAP products

  • ​​Farming heritage gets a boost

  • National recognition for flood hazard mapping

  • Broader horizons for Aerial Photo Viewer

  • Popular 50 000 series nears completion

  • Tourism treasure map of Flinders Island on the way

  • New public counter for the Land Titles Office

  • LTO streamlining interactions with stakeholders

  • Glossary of terms for all things cadastral

  • Spatial information in regional recovery

  • News in brief

  • New TASMAP products

  location matters Edition - 19 - May 2020   (5Mb)
  • ​​Support for spatial users in adopting GDA2020

  • Mapping improvements that you won't even notice

  • Custom topographic maps for local firefighters

  • ES-GIS staff repay the favour interstate

  • Office Solicitor: who we are and what we do

  • An updated guide to cruising Southern Tasmania 

  • Aligning ANZLIC's strategic direction with current societal drivers

  • Place Names Bill enhances community representation

  • Reviewing the Strata Titles Act 

  • How to meet with LTO staff during office renovations

  • Applying the benefits of spatial information​​

  • ​​Spatial sector helps to grow Tasmanian agriculture

  • Informing the next generation of spatial data delivery

  • Film and print collection helps preserve Tasmania's story

  • Priceless land records transferred

  • New version of Placenames Tasmania is web service enabled

  • Shining a light on historical features through Place Names

  • Property valuers: who we are and what we do

  • Real-world focus of the LTO

  • Release of latest State Aerial Photo Basemap

  • Software upgrades to support GDA2020

  • Revolutionising planning and devlopment

  • New TASMAP products

  • New imagery and elevation data available for free download

  • Collaboration fuels GIS emergency response to fires

  • Consultation sought on Strata Titles Act

  • Digital enhancements further improve access to LTO information

  • Valuations highlight property market growth

  • GDA 2020 update

  • Location information provides critical support during weather emergency

  • Spatial expertise helps customise Emergency Services dispatch system

  • Digitisation transforms access to 1.5 million land records

  • Dedicated business analyst appointed for Land Titles Office

  • VISTAS new property and valuation register

  • GDA2020 update

  location matters Edition - 15 - Nov 2017   (4Mb) 
  • TASSIC seek comment on draft strategic plan

  • A 'Tarn' great photo for the new Mount Field map

  • Mapping the future

  • Fresh valuations reflect long-term market stability

  • TOP system moves towards online lodgement of plans

  • ELVIS improves access to elevation data

  location matters Edition - 14 - May 2017   (3Mb) 

  • Work begins on national datum update

  • Winning photograph for the new Mount Anne Walk map

  • View, create and share your customised maps

  • VISTAS replacement project is underway

  • TASSIC appointments

  • Southern Accommodation Project - Lands Building refurbishment

  • Cash no longer accepted at Lands Titles Office

  • Land Tasmania apps assist flood recovery

  • LiDAR extends its reach and benefits

  • The next step for mobile collection of valuation data

  • Pointing to the past

  location Matters - Edition - 12 May 2016   (2Mb)
  • Your photo on your TASMAP

  • 1:50 000 digital state-wide coverage

  • COP provides spatial framework for bushfire response

  • New dual Aboriginal place names assigned

  • Introducing Tim Grant, Valuer-General

  • Tasmania preparing for PEXA

  location Matters - Edition 11 - November 2015   (2Mb)
  • Introducing Robert Cockerell

  • Mapping evolution provides strong foundation for the future

  • LISTmap driving data innovation

  • Modernising Australia's national datum

  • Stage one towards the online lodgement of plans

  • News in brief

  • New TASMAP products

  location matters - Edition 10 - May 2015   (3Mb)
  • A dynamic new direction for the division

  • Innovations and cutting edge technology

  • New rules and a new register for surveyors

  • iPlan - Tasmania's planning system is now online

  • Visits from international delegates

  location matters - Edition 9 - November 2014   (2Mb)
  • Introducing Michael Varney

  • TASSIC meets the Minister

  • LIST news and happenings

  • COP support for bushfire exercise

  • Accolades for Spatial Information Foundations Project

  • GPS in schools

  • GIS in valuations

  • Centenary of ANZAC maps

  • New 2015 Calendars

  location matters - Edition 8 - April 2014   (3Mb)
  • The new LIST

  • Planning Schemes Online

  • Maze Craze

  • Sense-T and Stats Matter

  • Tasmanian Online Plans

  • Future opportunities for ILS

  • Recent retirements

  • New CORS on King Island

location matters - Edition 7 - August 2013 (2.99 MB)

  • Dunalley fire - ES-GIS response

  • Spatial Information Foundations Project

  • Changing of the guard - a tribute to Surveyor General Peter Murphy

  • Cadastral upgrade

  • TASSIC's new strategic plan

location matters - Edition 6 - December 2012 (1.23 MB)
  • Early Treasures exhibition - preserving the past for the future

  • Spatial Information Foundations Project - featuring a new topographic basemap

  • News from the Land Titles Office

  • ​Coming soon - Place Names Tasmania website

  location matters - Edition 5 - June 2012 (1.22 MB)
  • The end of an era

  • Technological transformation for the LIST

  • Healthy data, happy tourists

  • Archiving project

 location matters - Edition 4 - December 2011 (3.70 MB)
  • Spatial Innovation Showcase

  • TASMAP user survey

  • Bushfire planning

  • Electronic conveyancing

location matters - Edition 3 - June 2011 (1.18 MB)

  • Historic street maps - James Sprent's legacy lives on

  • Emergency management - a critical role for GIS

  • Location intelligence - supporting policing in Tasmania

  • CLAC on track - new reserves for Tasmania

  • Client Services - profile and contact details

  • Service Tasmania - responding to customer needs

 location matters - Edition 2 - December 2010 (4.79 MB)
  • TASSIC - getting the fundamentals right

  • A glimpse back in time

  • Leading the way in valuation

  • CORS for celebration

location matters - Edition 1 - May 2010 (4.99 MB)

  • Mapping for growth - Tasmanian Towns Street Atlas - Edition 8

  • Aerial photography - a bird's eye view of the world

  • Land information - our one-stop shop

  • Emergency Alert - advising communities

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