Acts Administered by the Valuer-General

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are three key pieces of legislation administered by the Valuer-General:​​

​​​​ Valuation ​of Land Act 2001​​​​

The Valuation of Land Act 2001 provides for statutory valuations to be under​​​taken by t​he Valuer-General for rating and taxing purposes and for the Valuer-General to provide other valuation services to Government bodies. ​​Statutory valuation services may be supplied to the Valuer-General by contract valuers via a competitive tender process.​​

The Act enables land owners to object to a statutory valuation​.

Please note: objections must be made within 60 days from the date of receipt of a Notice of Valuation.

Objections may be referred to the Land Valuation Court or the Supreme Court.​​

​​ Land Acquisit​ion Act 1993​​​​​

The Land Acquisition Act 1993 deals with the acquisition of land by the Crown, local authorities and promoters. The legislation sets out the formal acquisition process including: 

  • entry onto property

  • how compensation is to be assessed

  • dispute resolution

The Act also​ set out the process to be followed for the acquisition of land for the purposes of major infrastructure projects. These provisions have expanded certain time frames in which action must be taken to facilitate the acquisition for these purposes.

Officers of the OVG undertake the acquisition of land as delegates of the Minister administering the Act.

Please note: the Land Acquisition Act is currently under review. See Proposed Amendments to the Land Acquisition Act.

​​Land Valuers Act ​2001​

The Land Valuers Act 2001 provides that a land valuer must complete a prescribed course of study and have the necessary practical experience as determined by the Australian Property Institute or other organisation representing the interests of valuers in Tasmania to be formally registered as a land valuer.

​​The Act empowers the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading to investigate complaints. The Director must keep a register of disciplinary action taken, which may be inspected by the public at the Office of the Director. It is considered that these provisions afford transparency to the public in respect of any investigation.

​Some other Acts refer to roles and responsibilities of the Valuer-General. Please visit the Tasmanian Legislation website for more information.


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