Notice of Valuation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Notice of Valuation is used to inform land owners and lessees of changes to property valuation details.  

An owner of land will be issued a new Notice each time some major change occurs which effects the valuation details.    

The values shown on a Notice:

  • may be used for rating and taxing purposes

  • are subject to Adjustment Factors which reflect market movements in values

For more information see the booklet:

  ​​Owner's Guide - Fresh Valuations   (2Mb​​​)

Explan​ation about terms used on the Notice of Valuation

Land value is the value of the property including: 

  • draining

  • excavation

  • filling

  • reclamation

  • clearing

  • any other invisible improvements made to the land

It excludes all visible improvements including 

  • buildings

  • structures

  • fixtures

  • roads

  • standings

  • dams

  • channels

  • artificially established trees and pastures

  • other similar improvements     

Capital value is the total value of the property (including the land value), excluding plant and machinery.

​​​Assessed Annual Value is the gross annual rental value of the property excluding GST, municipal rates and land tax, but cannot be less than 4% of the capital value.

​Objecting to ​​a V​aluation​

If you disagree with your valuations, you can lodge a formal objection with the Valuer-General within 60 days after receipt of a Notice of Valuation.​​​

​​​Incorrect Details on a Notice ​​of ​Valuation

If any of the details shown on your Notice of Valuation are incorrect, please contact the OVG Enquiries.


OVG Enquiries